Yep, I chose the Biden town hall


I had a chance tonight to watch Donald Trump’s town hall meeting in Miami. I chose to turn in to watch Joe Biden’s event in Philadelphia.

I do not regret that choice.

Joe Biden has my support in the upcoming presidential election. I wanted to hear him interact with voters. To be candid, I thought the quality of the questions outshone the quality of the some of the answers.

However, Joe Biden did not stumble. He didn’t mumble. He didn’t misspeak. He was sharp. He did talk perhaps too much.

I took a pass on Donald Trump. From what I have heard so far I didn’t miss a thing.

One thought on “Yep, I chose the Biden town hall”

  1. He couldn’t stumble. Every question was a softball and obviously known a head of time.

    Guthrie didn’t give Trump a chance to answer most questions. The questions he did get a chance to answer, he handled well.

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