Trump = extreme danger


What in the name of political insanity is Donald J. Trump trying to do?

He has been asked many times about whether he would commit to a “peaceful transition” of power in the event he loses the election in November.

Trump won’t commit. He won’t say he’ll hand the reins of power to Joseph Biden. He won’t follow the example set by every single one of his presidential predecessors.

Oh, no! This president is saying we need to “get rid of the ballots” he insists are being sent out illegally to millions of Americans. He doesn’t offer a shred of proof for anything he alleges.

Folks, we have a dangerous man on our hands. We have a man who is fomenting fear of our cherished electoral system. He is seeking to undermine the process we have used since the beginning of the republic to elect our presidents.

“We’ll have to see what happens.”

That is Donald Trump’s statement regarding the election. See what happens?

What quite possibly will “happen” will be that Joe Biden gets more votes than Trump. He will acquire more than enough Electoral College votes than Trump. Biden will be duly elected as the 46th president of the United States.

Trump, though, is going to cast doubt on the outcome. Indeed, he is setting that table already. He is ignoring what the FBI says is occurring, that Russia is working to interfere in the election just as it did in 2016.

He won’t commit to a peaceful transition in the event of a Joe Biden victory?

This is a dangerous man.

3 thoughts on “Trump = extreme danger”

  1. Absolutely hilarious!!! Trump’s the dangerous one? It’s not his followers rioting and looting. Trump called the ambushed sheriffs. Did Biden or Harris, no. They were to busy visiting with Jacob Blake. The left is promoting this violence across the country and you claim Trump is dangerous! What a joke!!!!!

    1. Glad you’re getting a chuckle out of my posts. What gives me the giggles is the silence I get from you and other Trumpkins when I comment on matters criticizing Democrats … such as my recent post challenging Senate candidate MJ Hegar’s crowing about her battlefield valor. I am going to sound like a whiny baby but give me a bit of credit … will ya? Have a good day. Thanks for your comment.

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