Trump endangers his fervent base


Don’t you just know that Donald Trump doesn’t give a rip about the health and well-being of those who continue to fawn over his idiotic rants?

He is conducting indoor campaign rallies. The fans he attracts are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, most of them without masks. They’re cheering his pronouncements, booing his references to the “fake news” media.

He is denigrating Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s care and caution against exposing his own fans to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump is not to be derailed. He will continue to stage those rallies. They will be indoors. They’ll be full of the Trumpkin Corps faithful.

They also well might cause a serious spike in infection and, God forbid, death among those who ignore social distancing and masks.

Does any of this matter to Donald Trump? Hell no!

Is any of this a reason to perhaps rethink whether you want to support this guy’s bid for re-election to a second term as president? He says he cares about you.

The truth is he doesn’t.

3 thoughts on “Trump endangers his fervent base”

  1. Yet, to date, no actual outbreaks have officially been related to his rallies. Yes, there’s been some cases, but no actual outbreaks.

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