Yes, a dilemma for sure

REUTERS/James Glover II

A Facebook friend of mine — someone with whom I am acquainted from my years in Amarillo — has posted a fascinated quandary that vexes many of us.

She writes: What a weird Catch 22 we’re in. If Donald Trump was competent and handled the crisis the way he should, and then the economy got back on track he would have a greater chance to be re-elected. God, what do you root for?!

Hmm. Interesting, yes? Well, I think it is.

We hear often how presidents who hand the office over to someone from the other political party wish their successor well. President Bush 41 famously wrote to President Clinton a letter in which he said he would root for the new president’s success. President Bush 43 said much the same thing to President Obama … who then said in a statement after Donald Trump was elected that he hoped for the new president’s success.

Trump’s tenure as president has presented many of us with a dilemma. Do we want the nation to suffer on any president’s watch? Of course not! I don’t wish pain and misery on my fellow Americans, let alone my friends and family members.

However, my loathing of Donald Trump seems to transcend all of that. I want him gone from my White House. I do not want to listen to his lies. I don’t want him to embarrass me. I love my country and revere the presidency too deeply to want this individual as my head of state/government/commander in chief.

It’s personal. It’s visceral. It has nothing to do with ideology … because Donald Trump does not govern according to any known ideology.

If only we could achieve some success in the COVID-19 fight, revive our economy — and then boot Trump out of office because of the terrible mess he has made along the way.

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