The numbers don’t lie

As we watch Donald Trump try to short-sell the catastrophe that is killing Americans every single day, I want to remind everyone of a set of numbers that tell me one thing only.

The United States’ response to the coronavirus pandemic is pitiful.

Consider that the U.S. population of 330 million people comprises less than 5 percent of the world total. Now, consider that 4 million confirmed infections from the coronavirus in the United States comprises about 25 percent of the world infection.

Five percent vs. 25 percent.

Does that suggest we are beating the virus? No. It does nothing of the sort.

Fatalities, anyone? More than 157,000 Americans have died from the virus … that we know about! India and China, two countries with more than 1 billion residents each, report far fewer deaths from the pandemic. Hmm. How come? I’ll concede that China, in particular, is capable of hiding those numbers from the world.

More Americans are dying daily in many states in this country than are dying in entire nations.

We aren’t winning this fight. Yet Donald Trump tells us that “It is what it is” when asked to comment on the death toll. Jumpin’ ever-loving jehosaphat, Mr. President!

He has no clue what he is doing. None!

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