‘It is what it is’

There you have it.

Donald J. “Numbskull in Chief” Trump calls the death rate from the coronavirus pandemic a mere fact. That’s it. “It is what it is,” he said to Jonathan Swan, the Axios reporter who sought to get Trump to explain why the death rate in this country continues to soar.

He didn’t do it. Not only that, Donald Trump didn’t acknowledge the pain, the misery, the tragedy that has befallen more than 155,000 American families. He doesn’t speak to their suffering. Trump doesn’t offer words of comfort. He doesn’t turn to the TV camera and tell us he hurts right along with us.

He says of the death count “It is what it is.”

When in the annals of human suffering have we ever seen a president of the United States exhibit such utter callousness?

Donald Trump is presiding over a monumental failure of leadership in response to a once-in-a-century pandemic. What’s more, he continues to delude himself into believing he is doing a “fantastic” job.

It is shocking and repulsive in the extreme.

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