Happy Trails, Part 184: Finding a hidden jewel

I really enjoy discovering places I didn’t know existed.

Fairfield Lake, just about 100 miles south of Dallas, is our latest discovery.

Texas Parks & Wildlife runs a state park here. Our GPS told us we had “arrived” at our destination, but we had to travel another 10 miles or so before we stumbled upon the park headquarters building.

We got to our RV campsite. We hooked up our RV. We had something to eat. Then we walked to edge of the lake. Holy smokes, man! This place is beautiful.

Our retirement journey has taken us to many places around the country. This ranks up there with the best of ’em. Just think, too, that it’s on the edge of our neighborhood! Who knew? Not me, kids.

Fairfield Lake State Park opened in 1976 after Texas Power & Light built a dam to store water to cool a power plant nearby. The lake comprises 1,460 acres in Freestone County.

Our goal is see every state park in our TP&W system of parks. We have a long way to go, having visited only about 25 or so out of the state’s system of more than 90 parks. We might be delayed in getting to all of the sites. Why is that?

Because of something my wife told me: “This is one park I definitely could come back to if we just wanted to get away for a few days.” There you go. We can’t be everywhere all at once.

It’s a gorgeous place. I’m all in.

3 thoughts on “Happy Trails, Part 184: Finding a hidden jewel”

  1. Are the camp sites next to the water?

    Will they accommodate a 40’ motorhome? We also have a 23’ travel trailer for trips I’m not going. My wife doesn’t want to drive the diesel pusher.

    We’re looking for places to go and get away. Sadly, as you know, there’s no too many places near Amarillo. You have to drive a ways to get somewhere that’s nice.

    1. Yes, they’ll handle 40 footers. I am acutely aware too that Amarillo is a good distance from anything else. We have enjoyed seeing some the state parks near us. Lots of places to explore.

  2. We’ll either retire in that area or the Hill Country. I could have retired several years ago. My wife’s not ready for me to be lazy. 😁

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