Don’t use the White House to accept GOP nomination

I am officially horrified at the prospect of Donald J. “Nitwit in Chief” Trump doing what he is planning to do.

He is considering speaking to the nation from the White House … to accept the 2020 Republican Party’s presidential nomination.

OK, let me be clear. Do not do this, Mr. President!

I get that presidents on occasion use the White House as background to gain political favor. They call it the “Rose Garden Strategy.” Presidents during election years will use the Rose Garden as a backdrop to sign legislation, or to greet groups of supporters, or to hold meetings with members of the House and Senate. Occasionally, presidents use video from these gatherings in their campaign ads.

Trump, though, takes the Rose Garden Strategy to new levels. He called a press conference recently ostensibly to talk about China, but turned event into an hour-long campaign rally-style riff against Joe Biden, Democrats and the media.

If Donald Trump is going to accept the GOP nomination somewhere other than in Charlotte, N.C. — where the party has returned after moving it briefly to Jacksonville, Fla. — I have an idea or two for him to ponder.

How about accepting the nomination at one of his resorts? Maybe in Bedminster, N.J., or in Mar-a-Lago, Fla.?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pulled no punches today in condemning the idea of Trump accepting a partisan political nomination inside the White House. She said it is wrong and possibly unconstitutional.

It’s also crass. It cheapens our house. Donald Trump is a tenant there. He needs to take great care of our house. For the president to use the East Room, or the Oval Office, or the Rose Garden, or the residence as a backdrop to make a purely political speech is hideous on its face.

If only this individual had any understanding or appreciation for the tradition that surrounds this noble office.

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