Detestable ‘theory’ returns

Donald Trump is pushing the definition of detestability to the limit. For all I know, he might have exceeded it already.

Trump could have squashed the birther baloney being floated about Sen. Kamala Harris, who’s about to join Joe Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket. He didn’t do it. Just like he kept alive the idiocy about President Barack Obama.

Harris’s parents were born in Jamaica and India; her dad is Jamaican, her mom is Indian. Harris was born in Oakland, Calif. She is qualified to run for vice president.

Trump got the question about the birther crap. He said he would “look at it.” Trump’s idiot son-in-law, Jared Kushner, continued to fan the flames when he said “It’s out there” and that he sees “no reason” to dispute Harris’s constitutional qualifications to run for public office.

Stupidity reins supreme in the White House.

Trump needed to say only this when asked about the ghastly birther “theory”: Let’s stop this nonsense right now. Sen. Harris and I have plenty on which to disagree. She is as American as I am. Let’s debate the issues and put aside this hideous rumor.

He didn’t say anything of the sort. The reality is that Donald Trump gives this crap currency simply by refusing to squash it, kill it dead.

He is disgracing the presidency once again.

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