Trump concocting a weird plan to stay in office?

I used to say of a man known in the Texas Panhandle as one of the region’s weirdest characters — the late Stanley Marsh 3 — that there was nothing beyond the realm of possibility where it concerned Stanley, that he was capable of doing practically anything.

I am left these days to think of Donald Trump in much the same way, that there is not a single thing beyond his quest to hold onto power, even if he were to lose an election.

A former Colorado U.S. senator has posited a notion that Trump might be concocting a stay-in-office plan even if he loses the election this November to Joseph R. Biden Jr.

Former Sen. Tim Wirth thinks Trump well might declare the election a fraud, rigged, fixed. That China interfered in order to defeat him. Thus, he would hold up the transition to a President-elect Biden. He could send the case to the Supreme Court. He would stall the election until Dec. 14, when the Electoral College would vote on who takes the oath of office in January 2021.

Were the court to toss out the election results, the matter would go to the House of Representatives, which then could — under the Constitution’s rules governing such a selection process — actually keep Trump in office for another four years.

Scary, yes? Damn right it is! It’s also not beyond the realm of the possible, given Trump’s addiction to power.

Oh, how I hope none of that takes place. However, with this narcissistic megalomaniac, anything is possible.

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