Trump allies undercut POTUS’s positive COVID spin

For the life of me I do not know how you can possibly put a positive spin on more than 136,000 deaths from a worldwide pandemic in this country alone … but Donald John Trump is seeking to do precisely that.

It’s not working. Indeed, he now is getting pushback from his most loyal political allies, such as some of the Republican governors who opened their states up too quickly and now are paying a terrible political price for their rush to reopening.

You hear now from GOP Govs. Ron DeSantis in Florida, Greg Abbott here in Texas, even from Doug Ducey in Arizona. They are sounding downright alarmed at what’s happening in their states. Surgeon General Jerome Adams is pleading with Americans to “please, please, please” wear face masks while in public. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina acknowledges a “testing shortage” in his state.

Then comes word that some senior GOP politicians are forgoing attendance at the Republican National Convention. Why? They don’t want to get sick. And yet Donald Trump insists that it’s OK to stage an event — now planned for Jacksonville, Fla. — that includes jam-packed arena space full of partisans yelling in favor of the guy they intend to nominate for a second term as president.

Were I in the GOP pols’ shoes, I’d stay away, too. As for Trump, he continues to claim stupidly the notion that the COVID-19 virus is “under control” and that more testing necessarily means more positive cases.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials have set some guidelines down for reopening of schools. Trump wants to ignore the CDC. Yet former CDC heads now proclaim that no president in history has politicized a pandemic the way Trump has done.

I am going to circle back to a point I made some time ago. I no longer am going to listen to, let alone heed, a single word that flies out of Trump’s mouth. His political ambition is standing directly in the way of anything resembling wisdom on how to respond to this crisis.

I am going to rely on the medical experts. If they tell me I should worry … I am going to worry. Now it appears that other politicians are listening to them as well and are turning away from the Bloviator in Chief.

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