It’s official: Pence has flown off the rails

Man, I long thought of Vice President Mike Pence as a serious public official. After all, he served in Congress and as governor of Indiana.

Then he took on a job that requires him to slobber all over the guy who selected him. He is now vice president of the United States in a government led by Donald John “Loyalty Demander in Chief” Trump.

So, what did Pence say that persuades me that he has flown off the rails, has become certifiably loony, has swilled one or two too many helpings of the Kool-Aid that Trump dispenses within the White House?

Pence said we should ignore the guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that suggest how schools could reopen their classrooms to students and teachers.

Yep, the VP said it. In public. In front of reporters. For all the world to hear. Goodness, I think the man has gone bonkers.

The CDC is trying desperately to inform the public about how to respond to the pandemic that continues to strangle the nation. It also continues to sicken and kill Americans. Donald Trump wants schools to reopen as if everything’s OK. Now he has the VP joining in that amen chorus of foolishness.

I swear that the cult of personality that has overwhelmed parts of our federal government is going to be the death of many Americans … and I mean that in the distressingly literal sense.

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