Trump tees it up as Americans continue to die

Donald John “Golfer in Chief” Trump teed it up this weekend at his golf resort in Florida.

Let’s just say the “optics” look real, real bad.

We are closing in rapidly on 100,000 dead Americans from the coronavirus pandemic. Donald Trump has exhibited a shameful lack of empathy for the loss so many Americans are feeling at this moment. He wants to move at “warp speed” to reopen the economy; I mean, hey, he’s got a re-election campaign ramping up.

Yet Americans continue to get sick and die. And the idiot in chief goes golfing.

I don’t mind the golf, per se. I have said all along that presidents never are “off the clock.” However, what in the name of media hysteria would be the reaction if Barack Obama had done such a thing while so many Americans were dying of a pandemic?

Just had to ask. You know the answer. I damn sure do.

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