Trump is ‘glad’ that the killer Kim Jong Un is OK? How sweet!

Donald John Trump is just happy as the dickens that the world’s most infamous dictatorial recluse isn’t dead after all.

How nice. How sweet.

North Korea’s killer/despot Kim Jong Un has made a public appearance, putting aside rumors that he might have died from a botched medical procedure. Trump’s reaction was predictable, I suppose, given that the two of them reportedly are “in love” with each other.

Trump put out a Twitter message: “I, for one, am glad to see he is back and well!” OK. I’ll just add that I happen to have wished he had left this Earth … not that Kim’s death would make anything any better for North Korea.

It’s just that Kim Jong Un is a ruthless tyrant who allows mass starvation among his people while he lives in relative opulence and spends tons of money developing a nuclear arsenal, which he uses to threaten South Korea, Japan and, oh, yeah, the United States of America.

Trump wishes Kim well? They deserve each other.

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