The mask ‘looks good,’ Mr. POTUS

Donald Trump went to a Ford Motor plant today to look at how the automobile factory has been repurposed to manufacture ventilators to help the nation fight the coronavirus pandemic.

FMC has a policy requiring everyone to wear a mask. Trump didn’t want to be seen wearing a mask. Then he said he donned a mask out of camera view. His idea was that he wanted to “look good” in front of the media.

Sheesh. Mr. President, the issue is much larger than looking good. It deals with being a positive example.

Then we saw the picture of Trump wearing that mask. To be honest, I didn’t give a single thought to how it looked on him. In fact, I found the image to be somewhat reassuring that Donald Trump saw fit to do what the Ford Motor higher-ups said he should do … not that it changes my view of his total unfitness to lead this country during the worst health crisis in a century.

Looking good ain’t the issue that should concern Donald Trump. Setting a positive example in this time of dire peril is of paramount importance.

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