Riots inflict terrible collateral damage

There can be no way on Earth to gloss over any aspect of the reaction to the death of an African-American man at the hands of rogue cops in Minneapolis, Minn.

George Floyd’s death is a hideous example of how dangerous it is to be black in America. He was arrested by the cops, cooperated with their demands, then thrown to the ground, restrained with a knee in the back of his neck until he passed out … and then died. 

The reaction of the rioting crowds, though, is what also is quite troubling. It’s the vandalism that I find so repugnant … accompanied by the theft of items taken from retail outlets that have been looted by the angry mob.

What we have here is a situation that creates untold collateral damage to individuals who do not deserve to be damaged by the rioters.

Think of this for just a moment. There might be a business owner who is aghast and horrified at what the nation has witnessed with the conduct of the police and the death of George Floyd. That business owner then becomes a victim of the mob that rampaged down his or her street, broke into the business, smashed windows, stole items, destroyed the interior, perhaps even set it afire.

How in the name of human decency does one justify such reprehensible conduct?

Do not misunderstand me on this point: I share the anger of those who are demanding justice for George Floyd’s death. The video of the cop — who was fired along with his three colleagues involved in the incident — is repugnant on its face. I hope prosecutors can find grounds to prosecute these officers, particularly the goon who killed Floyd.

However, the damage inflicted on innocent individuals, business owners who well might be sympathetic with the rioters, is beyond anything reasonable, rational or humane.

One thought on “Riots inflict terrible collateral damage”

  1. This one we agree on. I was glad to hear charges were FINALLY filed against the officer. You or I would have been arrested immediately with that evidence.

    It’s very sad that some turn a rightful protest into opportunity to be disgraceful.

    I think I head that one of the 100 plus buildings torched was a low income housing facility. If that’s true, now there’s more homeless people.

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