Put partisan politics aside to fight the pandemic … please!

We are living in perilous times in light of the pandemic that is sweeping around the globe and has killed nearly 100,000 Americans.

OK, that is no flash on the part of this blog and your friendly blogger. Still, the idea needs a bit of fleshing out.

One would have thought — or could have thought — that a pandemic on the scale of the COVID -19 crisis could unite a nation that is divided sharply along partisan lines.

Democrats and Republicans dislike and even detest each other. We need a reason to unite. I would have thought that a pandemic that kills Republicans and Democrats with equal malice would do the trick. It isn’t happening.

Who’s to blame for the continuing partisan pi**ing match? I’ll declare my view: The blame belongs to Donald John “Demagogue in Chief” Trump.

The president takes an oath that compels him to unify the nation when crisis strikes. Past presidents have risen to the task: Franklin Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor was bombed; George W. Bush after 9/11. Donald Trump and the coronavirus pandemic? He has picked fights with Democratic governors, Democratic members of Congress, the media … you name ’em, he’s fought ’em.

Trump bristles at the idea that voting by mail is an alternative to traditional balloting. Why? He dismisses the fear that traditional voting would expose Americans to the virus and concocts a phony fear of “rampant voter fraud” if we allow all-mail voting. He threatens to withhold federal aid to Democrat-governed states if they proceed with mail-in voting.

We shouldn’t be fighting partisan battles when we’re supposed to focus on the viral infection that kills Americans with no regard to whether they are Democrat or Republican.

It appears to me that we are locked in a hopeless divide that is growing perhaps too wide for a worldwide health crisis to bridge. If only Donald Trump could learn to abide by the oath he took when he became president of the United States.

What an utter shame.

5 thoughts on “Put partisan politics aside to fight the pandemic … please!”

  1. Of course it’s Trump’s fault. In your mind, EVERYTHING negative is Trump’s fault.

    Cuomo and Newsom are on opposite ends of the country and have completely opposite restrictions on beaches “based on science”. But it’s Trump’s fault. Cuomo forced nursing homes to take COVID patience, but it’s Trumps fault. Wow!

    You really need to look closely at your Democrat leadership and how they’ve treated citizens in all this.

    1. Democratic governors didn’t have access to US intelligence & top advisors when Trump ignored them. Don’t you ever get sick of holding governors to a higher standard than your cult leader?

    1. Of course you know that’s a lie. Governors repeatedly cited Trump’s lack of response despite also having to pander to his fragile ego.

      “Just wanted you to know how frustrating the doublespeak is that’s coming from the White House,”

      “Governors from both sides of the aisle on Sunday disputed President Donald Trump’s claims about the availability of coronavirus testing, escalating the erupting tension over the key challenge in reopening the nation.”

      “the Republican governor of Maryland and the Democratic governors of Virginia and Michigan disputed Trump’s assertions that their states have enough testing to move toward reopening their states.”

      Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam called the administration’s declarations that the states have ample testing capacity “just delusional.”
      “We’ve been fighting every day for PPE. We have supplies now coming in. We’ve been fighting for testing,”

      “On the same program, Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan said the lack of testing is the number one problem in America and “has been since the beginning of the crisis.”


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