Misery is spreading

Dallas erupted overnight in a spasm of violence related to the death nearly a week ago of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man suffocated by a rogue cop who snuffed the life out of him by placing his knee on the back of his neck for 8 or 9 minutes.

Businesses were damaged. People were injured. More victims emerged from the aftermath of the hideous incident in which the cop was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

It is everyone’s sincere hope that the violence will end. That we’ll start now to assess seriously the ongoing problem of police relations with communities of color. That police departments might take a long and sober look at whether their officers enforce the law differently when principals involved are ethnic or racial minorities.

The cops used tear gas on the Dallas protesters. Police Chief U. Renee Hall has justified the use of the gas. That’s her call and I won’t get into whether the PD was right or wrong.

Dallas was just one of many cities that erupted. Will there be more of it today, tonight and into the future?

Please! No!

I am officially mourning my country at this moment. We are battling that pandemic with shabby and shameful lack of leadership from the top of government chain of command. Now this! The top of that command chain, namely Donald Trump, has again acted with little demonstrable anger over what he surely has witnessed along with the rest of us … which is the sight of that cop killing George Floyd. Instead he has directed his anger at the angry mobs. I get that he’s angry about the damage being done; it angers me, too.

However, I want the president to look at the cause of that anger and to redirect his anger at the brutality that created this firestorm.

So it goes. My goodness. This madness must end.

2 thoughts on “Misery is spreading”

  1. Evidently, as usual, you haven’t been listening. He’s condemned the officers several times and want the FBI and DOJ to also investigate. What’s he supposed to do, go spank the officers personally??? Good grief!!!

    This is probably the first time that ALL sides were on the side of George Floyd. Those that weren’t/aren’t are simply assholes.

    If you’re not mad at these mobsters, you’re certainly not American. There should be protests. Floyd deserves it, protests NOT riots. There’s no way you can relate what’s happening to George Floyd. They are no longer related, except for the few that try to be civil and voice the concerns. After dark, burning and looting in no way shape or form can be called “protesting” or be related to George Floyd.

    I do hope all officers involved in Floyd’s death are charged. They were certainly complicit in their actions, or should I say non-actions.

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