Leadership is MIA

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump strode to the microphone today at the White House.

The nation is reeling from the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis resident who died after being restrained brutally by a cop. City streets have erupted in flames. Many of us are grieving over Floyd’s death. The entire world is watching.

Oh, and we also have that pandemic that is far from being brought “under control.”

So, what does Donald Trump do? He speaks about China. He talks about China’s theft of intellectual property. He speaks about how he has gotten tough on China after his immediate predecessor let China get away with taking advantage of the United States.

Did the president take a moment to speak while standing in front of his bully pulpit to call for calm? Did he offer a word of comfort to George Floyd’s family and friends? Did he vow to call any of Floyd’s loved ones, to offer a word of empathy, compassion?

Oh, no! He didn’t say a single, solitary word about the tragedy.

This is a continuation of the failure of leadership that Donald Trump exhibits. He doesn’t have an empathetic bone in that overfed body of his.

And so the nation grieves without any semblance of leadership from its head of state. Donald Trump instead concerns himself with personal political matters … even as the nation continues to struggle against the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 100,000 of its citizens.

No one said the job of president is a walk in the park. It requires much of the individual who occupies the office. The current occupant lacks at every level imaginable the skill it takes to lead a nation in distress.

He needs to be removed from office.

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