Is this how you MAGA, Mr. POTUS?

You know, Mr. President, your golf outing this weekend in Florida all by itself doesn’t bother me.

It’s the context and the juxtaposition with the glaring, tragic and lethal global pandemic that sends me into orbit.

You see, I remember that you spent a good part of your 2016 presidential campaign telling us you wouldn’t “have time” to play golf. You would be too busy “making America great again” to play any golf. Furthermore, you kept yapping about President Obama enjoying the occasional round of golf. Your criticism not only was unfair, it has proven to be highly hypocritical.

I mean, good grief. You have spent more time and taxpayer money in your current term than Obama spent more during his two full terms in office. What galls me to the max is how you get away with blowing this all off and how those Trumpsters out there continue to buy into your bullsh** about how hard you’re working to protect us.

It’s crap. And as you once said to reporters about the Charlottesville riot: I know and you know it, too. 

Then we have this pandemic. I am sure you know that the death toll is going to surpass 100,000 Americans. It could happen any day now. If you’re working so damn hard to end this tragedy, what in the hell are you doing out there batting a little ball around at a glitzy golf club that you own?

I have to say it, Mr. President: You are a fraud and you do not deserve to be re-elected. This golf outing only underscores what millions of have said all along, that you have no understanding or appreciation for majesty of the office you occupy.

We’re fighting for our lives, Mr. President, and we have a right to demand that the individual at the top of our government’s chief executive is fighting alongside us.

You are derelict in your duty.

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