Governor has learned the hard way how to deal with Trump

I have to give Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer high marks for knowing how to work with a president of the United States who doesn’t understand the partnership aspect of governing.

Donald Trump keeps threatening states that don’t follow policies he favors. Whitmer, meanwhile, has told Axios that she “censors” her public comments about Trump believing that if she pulls her punches that Trump won’t cut her state off from federal aid she insists it deserves.

At issue of course is the coronavirus pandemic and Trump’s game-playing with governors who are fighting the medical crisis the best way they can. Trump keeps sending conflicting messages. He doesn’t want states to enact all-mail voting available for the presidential election, spewing lies about “rampant voter fraud.” Whitmer, meanwhile, seeks to wage the fight against the virus with virtually no emotional support from a president whose sole focus is riveted on his attempt to win re-election.

I need to mention that Whitmer reportedly is among the candidates being considered for a vice-presidential spot on the Democratic ticket led by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

I suspect strongly that if she gets the nod, she won’t “censor” her remarks as she hits the campaign trail.

Still, for now she’s trying to do her job. If it means softening her comments about Donald Trump, I’m OK with that.

One thought on “Governor has learned the hard way how to deal with Trump”

  1. She’s enjoying her power a bit to much. If Biden licks her, that will only strengthen Trump’s campaign.

    Most Democrat governors are, minus Colorado. New York, you can go to the beach but can’t get in the water. In California, you can go for a swim in the ocean but can’t lay out on the beach. They both say that is what the science tells them.

    Which one is correct????? LOL

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