Donald Trump: panderer in chief

Donald John Trump’s penchant for political pandering is boundless, without limit, without a single sense of irony.

For this president to stand before the nation and take up the cudgel for houses of worship as “essential” business not only is laughable on its face, it is repugnant in the extreme.

The pandemic has killed more than 96,000 Americans and is marching inexorably past 100,000 and way beyond. Imagine a president of the United States weaponizing people’s faith to use against fellow Americans, which is what Trump did today.

He said governors have declared abortion clinics, tattoo parlors and liquor stores to be “essential,” but not churches. He seeks to suggest that churchgoers are insulted by governors’ declaration.

Then he said he would “override” governors who decline to follow his directive, that he would order them to mandate that houses of worship must open their doors to worshipers.

Good grief. He has no authority to issue such an order. Had he read the Constitution, he would know that the First Amendment prohibits government intrusion in religious matters.

The bitterest pill for me to swallow is that this president would step into this argument at all. He has no religious background. He has admitted to grabbing women by their genitals. Trump has declared he’s never sought forgiveness, which according the Bible I have read is a fundamental tenet of Christianity.

He speaks of religious faith in hollow platitudes. Don’t take my word for it. Listen carefully to the next time tells us that religion is “so important” to Americans.

So this clown seeks to interfere in governors’ attempts to govern their states. What’s worse is that he seeks to interfere in pastors’ attempts to protect their congregations from a killer disease.

One thought on “Donald Trump: panderer in chief”

  1. Religion is by far MORE important than an abortion clinic which has been allowed to stay open in many states. How can you side with that? May God show grace! Deaths by suicide by far out weighed Covid deaths in the last few days and is growing stronger. Drug addiction and alcoholism are on the rise. For many of these folks, their churches were their saving grace. Yet abortion clinics were placed higher on the “essential” list. Go figure. That’s the direction this world is headed.

    I guess it’s all time we just site back and wait until the government tells us we can take a crap! Until there’s full government control, the left won’t be happy. Evidently, they struggle to think for themselves.

    Where’s your articles damning Cuomo for forcing nursing homes to take patients testing positive for Covid which created thousands of deaths?

    Where’s your article damning Colorado governor for opening too soon? You sure blasted Abbott and Santos for the exact same thing Colorado did.

    This shutdown was to prevent hospitals from being overloaded. We have less than 70 in the hospitals in the entire Texas Panhandle. All states are reporting hospitals are well under capacity of concern. So, let’s keep creating fear.

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