Trump talks too much, says too little

Donald Trump is able to do two things simultaneously that might seem counterintuitive. Consider, though, what keeps occurring each day in the White House press briefing room.

The president of the United States stands before TV cameras and reporters scattered in the room. He talks and talks and talks.

Yet despite all the verbiage that spews forth, he manages to say practically nothing.

The president has nothing of importance to say. He blathers and bloviates. He tells lie upon lie. It’s all becoming a form of white noise. He talks a ton, but the weight of his words don’t budge the scale one damn bit!

How can this individual do this? How is he able to speak so many words without imparting anything of importance?

It’s the shallowness of his alleged knowledge of the government he runs. It’s the ignorance he displays continually about that government. It’s all a consequence of this man’s upbringing, his professional background, his lack of understanding of anything that deals with issues unrelated to his own enrichment.

It is an amazing and astonishing trait that Donald Trump puts on full display when he seeks to “brief” us on the coronavirus pandemic. He speaks of things about which knows nothing.

But … Donald Trump is “making America great again.”

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