Mitt emerges as major thorn in POTUS’s backside

The more I hear from Sen. Mitt Romney, the more I am liking what I hear.

The Utah Republican was the lone member of his party to vote to convict Donald Trump of abuse of power in his Senate impeachment trial. Trump hates Mitt’s guts for voting his conscience, which tells me far more about Trump than it does about Sen. Romney.

Now we have the junior senator telling Trump he’d better back off and let a bipartisan congressional committee conduct proper oversight of the $2.2 trillion relief package that is coming in response to the collapsing economy … which is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the planet.

Romney put his name on a letter he co-wrote with Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., endorsing the notion of the oversight panel.

Do you think Trump will heed the senator’s call? Oh, probably not. I just am enjoying hearing a bona fide Republican politician challenge the fake Republican president on an important issue of government transparency.

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