Baffled by POTUS’s refusal to follow CDC guideline

Donald John Trump can do damn near whatever he wants to do … or decline to do the same.

However, the president’s declaration that he won’t follow face-mask guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention baffles me.

CDC recommends that we all wear face masks when interacting with other human beings while we wage “war” with the invisible enemy, the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a voluntary measure.

Trump, the head of the executive branch of our government, undercut the CDC on Friday by stating he won’t wear the mask. The reason why is laughable, except that it ain’t funny.

He said he cannot meet with foreign dignitaries while sitting behind the “Resolute Desk” in the Oval Office as he wears a mask. The mask, he implied, would be, um, less than dignified. The president of the United States cannot wear a mask, or worse, be seen by the public wearing a mask.

Huh? As if that matters? As if anyone should care whether the POTUS is wearing a mask?

I would applaud Donald Trump for adhering to the CDC guideline. He would send a message to all Americans that the guidelines are to be taken seriously enough that even the president of the United States is following them!

What we’re getting instead from Donald Trump is just another example of a failure of presidential leadership in a time of crisis.

3 thoughts on “Baffled by POTUS’s refusal to follow CDC guideline”

  1. More BS. You’re stooping lower and lower with these “nitpick” articles. I never heard him say it was not dignified. But, I’m sure you heard it. You’ve heard a lot of things that weren’t actually said. If you’d ever bother to listen to the entire message instead of starting to type as soon as you hear a partial you can spin, you hint have a little credibility.

    I think you simply enjoy writing and now you have you’re little followers that you love the “Likes” so your writing is to appease them and your hatred.

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