Adviser’s pandemic memo never got to Trump? Sure … that’s believable

Peter Navarro, a trade adviser, is among the cadre of wackos who work for Donald J. Trump.

However, it turns out the guy who flies off the handle on occasion with wild statements about our international trade rivals, was likely on to something when he wrote a memo warning of a coming health crisis cataclysm.

The problem, though, is that Navarro’s memo reportedly never got to the desk of the one person who needed to see it … allegedly. That would the president of the United States.

Navarro reportedly warned of the coronavirus in January. He blamed China for withholding information about its seriousness. The memo reportedly was intended for Trump, that he wanted the president to see it and to act on it.

Then we hear from Trump this week, who said he never saw the memo and only heard about it recently.

Huh? What the … ?

Are we to believe that the White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy would write a lengthy memorandum detailing an important pending health crisis and it not ever arrive on the Resolute Desk of the most powerful man on Earth?

Bear in mind something about the president’s statement that he never saw it: The denial comes from the Liar in Chief. I am one American who believes not a single statement that flies out of the president’s pie hole.

Donald Trump has boasted that the White House on his watch runs like a “fine-tuned machine.” Well, where I come from, a fine-tuned machine would have ensured that a document prepared by someone of Dr. Navarro’s status within the administration surely would have ended up on the commander in chief’s desk … and that he would have read it.


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