Why the opposition to Donald Trump?

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This might surprise some readers of this blog, but I actually do ponder at times why I oppose Donald John Trump so vehemently, so angrily, with so much hostility.

It’s true. At times my anger toward this individual troubles me. Then I reflect on the danger he presents to the country he was elected to lead. Upon reflection, my anxiety dissipates.

My opposition to Trump is visceral. It is intensely personal.

I’ve never lost a dime investing in anything with this clown’s name on it. So it’s not that. I never have met him or seen him in person, which means he has never insulted me personally. Nix that reason, too.

It’s just that Donald Trump was in our face for many years prior to the moment he decided to become a politician. Most of us knew of The Donald, a flamboyant businessman who boasted of his “self-made” status. To be candid, I believed it, not that it made him any more palatable. It was his personality that grated on me as I watched him from some distance interject himself into the news of the day.

The Central Park Jogger comes to mind. He called for the execution of five young men — all of color — even after they had been cleared of any charges relating to the beating and rape of a woman in New York City.

It was clear to me long ago that Trump had focused like a laser on one goal during his entire professional life: self-enrichment. He was in it for himself. No one else mattered.

So, he brought all of that reputation with him into the political arena. He made that showy entrance in Trump Tower in June 2015, declared his candidacy and immediately impugned immigrants from Mexico.

The rest of this clown’s public posture is well-known. I won’t regurgitate the record here.

It’s just that my gut-wrenching, visceral dislike and distaste for this guy eclipses whatever this individual has to say.

It has little to do with policy. Trump doesn’t believe in anything. He is without principle. He lacks morals. He cannot be trusted at any level. Donald Trump is a pathological liar who lies about big things and small things. It matters not one damn bit to him.

So, my animosity is alive and well. I doubt it will ever subside. Donald Trump has been in front of us for too long. To be candid, he has been in a pain in my backside for far longer than he’s been president of the United States.

One more thing: I oppose this individual out of pure and categorical love for my country. Donald Trump is destroying the exalted office he occupies.

I want him to vanish from the public stage.

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