UFO spotted from backyard!

It’s time for a random thought and time to steer away from pandemic madness.

Here it comes …

I walked into my backyard the other evening. The sky over Princeton was clear. I looked up and saw two blinking lights. I don’t know what they were. It was dark, man! I couldn’t discern the source of the lights.

The random thought? Were they unidentified flying objects? Yes, I submit. They were.

Which brings me to the point of this mindlessness: When are UFOs no longer UFOs? Which brings me to another point: If I see a UFO and I determine that it is a vessel that has flown to Earth from some extraterrestrial location, is that a UFO? Of course not! I will have identified it as a space ship from some other place.

Thus, I fear we have misapplied the term “UFO” to mean something that it shouldn’t mean. UFOs from beyond our solar system aren’t UFOs if we know what they are.

OK, I’m now done with this random thought.

The pandemic craziness remains to occupy my worrying moments.

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