Turning my back on POTUS

I made a decision today that I intend to follow for as long as the coronavirus pandemic is dominating our news cycles.

It is that I will no longer listen to Donald John Trump’s incoherent riffs when he stages those White House “briefings” alongside his coronavirus response team.

I’ll turn the TV channel. Or I’ll turn the TV off. I might indulge in a Netflix show or some other production showing on the plethora of channels I have available.

You see, I have reached the saturation point of Trump’s idiocy. I do not believe a single word that flies out of POTUS’s pie hole. Nor can I stomach the sound of his voice when he says things that are ridiculous on their face. Yes, I’ve seen the viral video of Dr. Anthony Fauci grimacing and wiping his forehead while Trump referred to the “Deep State Department.”

I want to hear only from medical or emergency response experts when the subject deals with the pandemic. I also want to hear from local leaders — state and county government executives, mayors and law enforcement and medical officials — who are doing battle on the front lines of this response.

I do not want to hear from an ignorant politician who is wholly untrustworthy at every level I can imagine.

I feel liberated.

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