Trump’s push to ‘re-open’ country could bring even more heartache

Donald Trump’s desire to restart the nation’s economy is presenting some truly dangerous potential consequences. If only the Idiot in Chief could understand what’s at stake.

He wants to reopen businesses by Easter. Trump seems to believe that the coronavirus is going to heed his demand and magically disappear, as if his presidential fiat will make it happen.

That ain’t how it works. I believe Dr. Anthony Fauci, the epidemiologist who works on the presidential pandemic response team, laid it out there: Illness and disease do not respect timetables.

That doesn’t matter to Donald Trump.

His fixation with the nation’s economic health has little if anything to do with concern over businessmen and women’s future, or their livelihood. It has everything to do with his re-election chances.

Except that reopening the doors to business around the country could expose millions of Americans to disease, which could inflict far more pain than even this presidential ignoramus can anticipate.

Donald Trump is likely not going to be persuaded by anyone’s expert opinion on matters that do not register in what passes for the president’s brain. He is focused only on himself and what’s good for his political future.

The irony, though, is that a premature reopening of business in America well could doom that future to monumental failure, not to mention doom millions of Americans to an even more grim fate.

As Osita Nwanevu writes in the New Republic: The choice the country now faces isn’t between public health and economic stability. We are choosing which public health and economic catastrophe we would like to see unfold. And one is clearly preferable.


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