Trump is writing a prescription for disaster

Donald John Trump is full of sh** if he thinks reopening the nation’s businesses by Easter is smart, given the still-accelerating rate of infection by the coronavirus.

That isn’t derailing the president’s rush to get the economy up and “rarin’ to go” by the time the Easter Bunny shows up.

Good grief.

Trump’s stated aim is coming in light of medical experts’ advice to the precise contrary. They want to keep the lid on business as usual for a while longer. Americans are still getting infected by the coronavirus. Oh, and they’re still dying.

What is Trump trying to do here?

He can count me as one who is far more interested in preserving human lives — and avoiding contamination — than in juicing up the economy.

Do I enjoy watching my retirement account disappear? Of course not. However, I also am enough of a realist to know that the fund will restore itself eventually.

Local officials here in North Texas are invoking shelter in place policies. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is imploring us to be careful, to put our health concerns first. Governors such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo are trying to beat some sense into us about the danger that still lurks with this disease.

Then we hear from the president of the United States urging us to get back to business. That pandemic response team that stands with him at those moronic White House briefings is quite likely telling Trump to slow down, dummy up on the “rarin’ to go” nonsense.

If only he would listen to someone who knows more about these risks than he does.

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