One more thought on ‘wartime president’

Call it a form of “stolen valor,” which happens occasionally when individuals claim to be more heroic in battle than they actually were, or they wear medals on their chest they didn’t earn.

Donald Trump’s effort to cast himself as a “wartime president” offends me on at least two levels.

One is that he worked diligently to avoid service during the Vietnam War, getting a physician to diagnose him with bone spurs. Millions of others of us from that generation didn’t have the wherewithal — let alone the inclination — to wiggle our way out of serving our country. So we served. I served! I am proud of my service, as infinitesimal as my contribution to the Vietnam War effort turned out to be.

Thus, for Trump to seek to be called a “wartime president” offends me at that level. It’s visceral, man.

The second level deals with the timing of the assertion he made. We are in the midst of a presidential election year. Donald Trump is seeking re-election. He wants to wear that label as a cynical political ploy to persuade voters that they shouldn’t want to elect a new commander in chief while we’re “at war” with a killer pandemic virus.

It ain’t the same as being at war with an enemy government, or a vast worldwide network of terrorist organizations.

Thus, Donald Trump, in my view, qualifies as the quintessential chicken hawk.

There. On this matter … I’m out!

2 thoughts on “One more thought on ‘wartime president’”

  1. So I guess Trump just can’t win, in your eyes, John. If the president acts boldly, like w/ travel bans, daily briefings for the public, and getting private companies onboard to ramp up medical productions of masks, ventilators, and possible medications for the virus, he’s grandstanding in an election year. If the President doesn’t rubber stamp leftist proposals to stop detaining illegal border crossers, and include abortion services in aid packages, he’s a heartless imbecile who has no idea what’s going on. Am I right?

    1. Thanks for your comment. Sure he can “win.” How? Well, he can stop blaming others for problems that arise on his watch. He can start acting as if he really cares about others and stop worrying about his poll numbers or his re-election chances. Just so you know, I have praised Trump for his criminal justice reform ideas, his action regarding Syria and the rare occasion when he actually sounds “presidential.” So there’s that. Do I think he’s a “heartless imbecile”? Yep. I am afraid so … until he proves me wrong. It’s possible, you know. Thanks again. Oh, but you might want to weigh in the next time I say something good about POTUS. I’d appreciate that, too. See ya.

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