Olympics delayed … but Trump wants to reopen the United States

The juxtaposition of two compelling stories is mind-boggling in the extreme.

Donald John Trump says he wants to get the U.S. reopened by Easter, that it’s time to juice up our economy and get it “rarin’ to go.” The pandemic be damned, according to the president of the United States. We need to get our businesses restarted, he says.

Meanwhile …

The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese Olympic organizers today announced that the Summer Games in Tokyo will be delayed for at least a year. Why? Because the IOC and the Japanese government don’t want to expose spectators and athletes to unnecessary and possibly deadly harm by exposing them to individuals who might be carrying the coronavirus.

Do you get my point?

Donald Trump doesn’t give a crap about public health. He is more keen on revving up the economy. Olympic organizers are so concerned about public health that they are willing to take an unprecedented action by delaying the Summer Olympics for as long as it takes for everyone involved to be safe from potentially deadly illness.

On whose side are you?

I’ll stand with those who want to ensure public safety during this very perilous time. The current president of the United States is on the wrong side.

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