Matt Gaetz: newest GOP supreme goofball

Take a look at this idiotic image.

The fool behind that gas mask is Florida GOP U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, who reported for work on Capitol Hill this week sporting the mask. He was making some sort of ridiculous statement about the coronavirus crisis that is beginning to cause some signs of panic around the country.

Instead of being a sober, serious and studied lawmaker, Gaetz — who is known for his histrionic and occasionally hysterical defense of Donald Trump — chose to make a spectacle of himself.

By donning this mask and making a complete a** of himself in public, he has demeaned the actual illness that Americans are enduring and has mocked the deaths of the dozen or so Americans who have succumbed to this illness.

Rep. Gaetz should be ashamed of himself.

Sadly, though, he won’t.

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