Here come the third-party Bernie rumors

Oh, brother.

If Bernie Sanders is adamant in his desire to ensure that Donald John Trump gets shown the door out of the White House after the upcoming presidential election then he’d better scotch reports about a possible third-party election bid in the event he loses the Democratic Party nomination to Joe Biden.

I’m hearing that kinda chatter out there.

The Michigan primary is coming up next Tuesday. Some analysts say it’s do or die for Sen. Sanders in Michigan. If he loses there, he’s done. Toast. A goner. Then what?

The notion being batted around is that he would launch a third-party/independent bid to defeat Trump.

Hmm. I think of, oh, Ralph Nader spoiling it for Al Gore in 2000, siphoning off enough votes to hand Texas Gov. George W. Bush enough votes to squeak his way into the White House. Without Nader on the ballot in Florida, Gore wins the state’s electoral votes and takes the oath of office — with no recount and no Supreme Court decision to settle the matter!

My advice to Bernie is simple: If you’re a man of your word, then you won’t even think about what is being bandied about. Furthermore, Sen. Sanders needs to ensure that the Democratic Party nominee, which would be Joseph R. Biden Jr., would have his unqualified support and that he will campaign vigorously to defeat the current president of the United States.

Are we clear?

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