Takeaway from Democratic debate? Let’s take a look

I am unwilling and unable to declare a definitive “winner” in the ninth Democratic Party presidential primary debate.

However, I am pretty sure the hands-down “loser” turned out to be the new guy on the stage, the zillionaire who has stood aside during the first four primary/caucus states.

Yep, Michael Bloomberg took incoming in a volume many of us have never seen quite like this. Right out of the chute the rockets and mortar shells started falling all around the former New York City mayor.

All five of the other Democrats on the joint appearance stage launched attacks on him for:

  • His treatment of women.
  •  The non-disclosure agreements that the women signed after leaving employment in the city he once governed.
  •  His former endorsement of “stop and frisk.”
  •  His immense wealth.
  •  The manner in which he governed the nation’s largest city.

For all I know, the other primary foes were ready to blast him for the color of ties he wears.

It wasn’t pretty to watch.

To be sure, Bloomberg didn’t handle it well. He bristled openly. He shrugged. He rolled his eyes.

Sure, he fired back, mentioning that Bernie Sanders — the self-described “democratic socialist” — is a “millionaire who owns three houses.”

I guess my major takeaway is that the possible real “winner” in this exchange was Donald John Trump, the current POTUS against whom these individuals want to run.

Oh, good! Just think that we’ll have more of these coming up as the Democrats keep on chuggin’ down the road toward their convention, which is likely to produce yet another dramatic saga if no one shows up with enough delegates to secure a nomination the first ballot.

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