‘It was all bullsh**.’

There you have it.

The current president of the United States spoke that sentence out loud, in public, with TV cameras beaming images into millions of living rooms around the nation.

Donald John Trump’s unleashed his potty mouth in my house, your house, in our house! He spoke in the East Room of the White House describing the end of the impeachment saga that dragged on for far longer than most of us wanted it to drag on.

I cannot insist that presidents of the United States never pepper their language in private. Heaven knows I’ve been heard using profane language on occasion.

But here’s the thing: When the president of the United States speaks like this in what is supposed to be a solemn, serious event — commenting on the end of an impeachment trial that determined whether the POTUS kept his job — he chose to toss out foul language in the public’s house.

It should be obvious even to Trump that he doesn’t own the White House all by himself. It belongs to all Americans, even the president.

Still, Donald Trump is just a temporary tenant. He needs to clean up his act if he intends to stay there for the duration of his lease.

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