Is this for real? Sanders is becoming a prohibitive favorite?

My friends to the left aren’t going to like reading this, but that’s too bad. I happen to believe that Democratic Party primary voters are on the cusp of slitting their own proverbial throats if they think Sen. Bernie Sanders will defeat Donald John Trump in this year’s presidential election.

Sanders is the flavor of the moment. He is likely to win the Nevada caucus this weekend. He is gearing up for a big show in California on Super Tuesday, on March 3.

I cannot predict how a Trump-Sanders matchup will end, but it certainly appears as though the current president will be primed to win re-election in a significant manner. By that I believe it might turn into a landslide.

That, I submit, would be the most disastrous outcome imaginable.

Donald Trump needs to lose this election. The country needs for him to lose it. Is the Democratic Party going to do so by nominating a “democratic socialist” who has declared war on billionaires, who pledges massive wealth redistribution, who wants to provide free college education and free health care in that Medicare For All proposal?

Umm. No. Trump is quite likely to defeat Sanders. That’s my humble view, for whatever it’s worth.

I continue to prefer a more centrist approach. I want Democrats to nominate someone who can work with Republicans. I want the party nominee to be someone with legislative heft, with gravitas.

My first choice would be Joe Biden. I want the former vice president to collect himself and to start showing some signs of the formidable figure I believe he can become. That’s my hope.

My fear is that Democrats are hurtling toward the nation’s second consecutive presidential election travesty.

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