So cool to see the KC Chiefs return to the Big Game … 50 years later!

Allow me this moment of pro football joy, given that I don’t really follow the professional game as I used to do when I was a kid.

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading back to the Super Bowl, a game they have played twice. The lost the first one. They won their second game.

Here’s the deal: The first game occurred in 1967 against the Green Bay Packers, who won that contest 35-10 in the very first championship game that didn’t even have the name “Super Bowl” yet attached to it; the Chiefs’ second appearance was in 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings, which the Chiefs won 23-7.

Let’s see. That’s 50 years between that second appearance the game they are going to play soon in Miami against either the Packers or the San Francisco 49ers.

You might know already that I am a diehard American Football Conference fan, particularly of those teams that merged in 1970 with the National Football League. The Chiefs were among those former AFL franchises to join the rival NFL.

So … here we go. Now that you know about my AFC preference, I supposed you can presume — correctly, I should add — that I don’t have a favorite for whom the Chiefs should play in the next Super Bowl. I say that with reluctance, given that I have a very close family member who lives just south of SF Bay and is an avid 49ers fan. Too bad, sis. We all have our bias.

I believe 50 years is more than enough time to lapse between winning the Super Bowl trophy, which now carries the name of the late Vince Lombardi, the legendary Packers coach who, I hasten to add, led the Pack to that initial AFL-NFL championship victory over those long-ago Kansas City Chiefs.

The here and now is upon us. I am delighted to see the Chiefs set to play for the championship of the NFL.

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