Happy Trails, Part 177: Furrowed brow has vanished

For starters, I need to beg your forgiveness for putting this mug shot of your friendly blogger on this post. I have a reason for doing so.

I want you to look at something that’s missing from my mug. My brow isn’t furrowed.

Back when I was working for a living, my face often reflected the tension I experienced during my “normal” work day. My Aunt Verna used to scold me affectionately that she worried my forehead between my eyebrows would become permanently wrinkled. I would laugh. So would she.

Truth is, near the end of my working career the tension became more prevalent and it showed quite dramatically in what I suppose one could call those “tension wrinkles” on my forehead.

However, one of the countless joys I now have these days is the lack of tension. It’s reflected in this picture.

I snapped this selfie this morning. I am sitting in my man cave as I write this brief blog post. I did not consciously relax my mug when I took this shot. I noticed the lack of any furrows on my forehead and thought I’d share this picture with you on this blog post and declare that my retirement journey has restored a sense of relaxation.

And so … the journey goes on.

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