Was it ‘fair’ to boo POTUS at World Series? Absolutely … yes!

I keep seeing the question popping up on social media sites and elsewhere about the greeting that Donald Trump got when he showed up at Game 5 of the World Series the other evening between the Washington National and the Houston Astros.

The public address announcer told the crowd that the president of the United States was at the Nats’ ballpark. The crowd of 41,000-plus erupted … on boos and chants of “Lock him up!”

So, the question persists even after the Nats winning the Major League Baseball championship: Was it fair to boo the president?

Of course it was fair! He got what he deserved!

I mean, consider what this clown has done to others. He has enabled campaign rally crowds to shout “Lock her up!” in connection with Hillary Clinton’s controversy over email use. He has used social media to bully his opponents. Trump has fomented lie after lie about his foes and about former presidents of the United States. He has denigrated war heroes, a Gold Star family, mocked a reporter with a physical disability and kowtowed to hostile foreign-power leaders.

So, a baseball crowd decides to boo this individual and some on the right and in the media question whether it was proper for Americans to voice their displeasure about him?

Give me a break.

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