Impeachment inquiry confirms many of our worst fears about POTUS

As I watch the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry drama unfold, I am drawn back to what many of us said about this man when he declared his presidential candidacy.

We said he was unfit for office. We wondered how in the name of political sanity could this guy ever get elected to anything, let alone to the presidency of the United States. We feared the worst about this guy’s instincts.

I do not relish watching this drama play itself out, let alone delivering evidence that our worst fears are being revealed to all the world.

Yes, I am acutely aware that not everyone shares the view of many of us. Many other Americans are lining up behind this guy. They are attacking the process that has produced the impeachment inquiry. They question the motives, even the patriotism and love of country of many of Donald Trump’s critics.

But at the base of all this drama we are left with wondering about the core values of the man who scored arguably the most remarkable political fluke in U.S. history by being elected to the only public office he ever sought.

He brought not one single moment of public service to the 2016 presidential campaign. He crafted his entire adult life around one goal: self-enrichment. He worried exclusively about his own fortune. He didn’t know a thing about the complexities of governing, let alone how the nation’s government was constructed.

Now we are in the midst of an inquiry to determine whether he should be impeached for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” What lies at the base of those crimes? Complete ignorance, or perhaps willful flouting, of what the Constitution prohibits.

It doesn’t allow a president to solicit foreign governments for political favors. That is what has been alleged against Donald Trump. Nor does it allow a president to profit from his public office. That allegation hasn’t been made formally, but it well might be in the offing once the House completes its impeachment inquiry.

This all arcs back in my mind to the very questions that so many millions of us had from the very beginning of this man’s candidacy for America’s highest and most exalted public office.

Donald John Trump had no business being elected to this office. Yet he was elected. He had some unforeseen help, to be sure. We now are watching the drama resulting from that election play out before our eyes.

It isn’t pretty. However, none of us should turn away. We need to stay alert and engaged while awaiting the final curtain.

And yes, many of us saw this drama coming.

4 thoughts on “Impeachment inquiry confirms many of our worst fears about POTUS”

  1. John, will it still be a fluke if he wins in 2020? And, when he does win, would you be willing to admit that you were simply wrong in your evaluation of his fitness to serve? Or, will your partisanship never allow that? Finally, are you willing to give the man credit for ANYTHING good that has happened during his current term? ANYTHING? If not, perhaps it’s you who has the perception problem, not Trump’s past and current supporters.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Trump is irredeemable. I will cling to my belief of his unfitness even if he wins re-election. Partisanship? I am no more partisan than you are. Lastly, I have dished out praise for Trump’s criminal justice reform ideas, and his actions regarding Syrian aggression, so I am fully capable of saying something positive about a man who I believe is unfit at multiple levels for the office he holds. Thanks once again for your comment. I am glad you are reading this blog.

  2. President Trump is no better or worse than most of the LIFE-LONG “public servants” that inhabit the halls of the capitol building, they exist merely for enrich their crony’s, amass power over the citizens, and spend our hard-earned tax dollars on their pet projects that have little to no value to us! Yes, he spent most his life in business, gaining wealth along the way. He has not been hiding this behind the veil of ” public service”. A choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton was easy for anyone who has been paying attention to Washington for the last 25 years or so! As a former newsman, you know this as well as I do!

    1. We happen to agree on one point: The choice between Trump and Hillary was as clear as it could possibly have been. I made my choice with a clear conscience. Thanks, as always, for your comment.

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