Rep. Ryan drops out of 2020 race for POTUS; more should follow

U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan didn’t have a prayer of being nominated by the Democratic Party for the presidency of the United States, let alone of being elected.

So, today he called a halt to it.

Frankly, in the discussion about the still-monstrous Democratic field, I barely ever heard his name mentioned.

Ryan is done. There clearly needs to be others who will step aside, return to what they were doing before they decided to run. Former Housing Secretary and ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has said he needs to raise $800,000 soon; if he falls short, he’s out. Hmm.  We’ll see.

Look, the race has boiled down to about five, maybe six Democrats.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and perhaps Amy Klobuchar are still in the hunt. The rest of them? Well, they ought to reconsider their future.

I’ll presume Rep. Ryan does a good job for his Ohio constituents.

The winnowing of the field should continue. I am growing tired of trying to listen to the field seek to outshout one another on those joint appearance stages.

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