My gut is rumbling: Trump just might survive this mess

I hate it when my gut starts to rumble. I get this queasy feeling down deep about certain matters occurring.

One of them is forcing a serious gut-churn way down yonder. Donald Trump, my innards are telling me, just might survive all this mess he has created. He appears likely at this moment to be able to avoid conviction in the U.S. Senate, if it is handed articles of impeachment from the U.S. House of Representatives; but even impeachment isn’t a lead-pipe cinch, even though the entire Democratic House majority is on board with an impeachment inquiry and potentially with actual impeachment.

Donald Trump has proven to be the master of evasion and, no, I am not referring to young Donald “evading” military service during the Vietnam War. Think for a moment about all the incidents during the 2016 presidential campaign that would have shattered a candidate’s dreams of winning the White House.

He said the late John McCain was a Vietnam War hero “only because he was captured”; he mocked a Gold Star family that criticized him at the Democratic National Convention; he mimicked and ridiculed a New York Times reporter afflicted with a crippling physical disability; Trump then admitted on that “Access Hollywood” recording to grabbing women by their pu*** because his “celebrity” status allowed him to do whatever he wants.

Imagine another politician, Democrat or Republican, getting away with that hideous campaign behavior. It boggles my mind.

So, now he’s president. He has acknowledged asking a foreign government for re-election help. He has admitted to asking an overseas power for help in digging up dirt on a potential 2020 opponent. He is on record telling Ukrainian officials that they can have help to fight the Russian-backed rebels if they did him a “favor, though,” meaning they had to do the favor before he would release the military assistance.

What does the current strife mean for the president? It means, to me, that his slipperiness has been able to deliver him from what should have been certain political doom.

Has this guy’s luck run out?

I hope it has. I fear he might find a way to avoid catastrophe.

One thought on “My gut is rumbling: Trump just might survive this mess”

  1. Your flawed thought process amazes me. The Democrats are equally guilty of many, if not all the same improprieties they accuse Trump and the Republicans of. I too think it was not wise of Trump to ask a foreign power for dirt on a rival candidate. (Of course, this may be necessary because our own law enforcement investigators are hamstrung by the Democrats or over worked by the Democrats demands to investigate and dig up dirt on the Republicans.)

    Our political system is out of control and both major parties are to blame. Our representatives cannot do their jobs, (working for the people they represent.) because they are too busy finding fault (or making it up if they can’t find fault) with the opposition.

    I would be really amazed if I were to open the newspaper some morning and find a headline that the Democrats and the Republicans finally agreed on a piece of legislation that would help American Citizens and better our republic. But that’s highly unlikely.

    You as a former member of the press are equally guilty of failure to report the entire story. You missed a great opportunity to become a fine writer of fiction.

    Let me go on record. I’m not supportive of either the Republicans or the Democrats. I’m able to make up my own mind. There are things the Republicans do, that I don’t approve of. And, there are things the Democrats do, I don’t approve of. I’m one of those rare people who look at both sides and make up my own mind

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