Just say it, Mr. POTUS: Say you messed up; it’s easy to do

C’mon, Mr. President. Really and truly, it’s all right if you make a mistake. It’s OK if you misspeak.

Look, I am a severe critic of you and your presidency. I take a back seat to no one in that regard.

However, I would be more than happy to give you a pass if you were to say you messed up with that silly misstatement about Hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama. The National Weather Service — the experts on this stuff — said, um, “no” the storm would have no impact on ‘Bama.

Why, though, did you double down on that goof? You produced that phony storm-charting map with the Sharpie line crossing over Alabama.

Good grief, Mr. President. You are far from perfect. Indeed, in my view you are the farthest from perfect than any man who’s ever been elected to your high office. But, I digress.

The point here is that it’s all right for you to acknowledge you made a mistake. I do not understand why you just cannot do so. Not even on something as trivial as misstating that one of our states was in harm’s way. You made it even worse by providing that phony-baloney notion that the weather gurus had placed Alabama in Dorian’s path.

They didn’t!

Honest to goodness, Mr. President, saying you made a mistake is a sign of strength. Everyone makes ’em.

Even you.

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