Huh? Trump hasn’t heard of a ‘Category 5 hurricane’?

This won’t require a lot of space on which to comment, but I am baffled/confused/astounded at one of the president’s latest pronouncements.

As monstrous Hurricane Dorian bears down on the East Coast of the United States, Donald John “Environmentalist in Chief” Trump said he isn’t sure he’s ever heard of a Category 5 hurricane.

Really, Mr. President? Are you fu***** serious?

How does the guy who says he knows “more about anything” on Earth make such a claim?

He calls himself the world’s No. 1 environmentalist. He says he knows “more about ISIS than the generals, believe me.” He calls himself the “king of debt.” He says he knows how to wheel and deal with the best of ’em. Trump calls himself the best, most knowledgeable, most coherent student of any field of any kind.

So he said he doesn’t think he’s ever heard of a Cat 5 storm.

Is this individual out of his mind? Don’t answer that question. I think I know.

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