Which is it? Is POTUS unsettled or is it all going well at G7?

Who are we supposed to believe?

Independent observers report that Donald Trump appears unsettled, unnerved, uncomfortable among world leaders meeting at the G7 summit in France.

Trump aides are furious over he way French President Emmanuel Macron has conducted the meetings. They’re angry when a top Iranian official showed up unannounced, apparently at Macron’s invitation. Hey, it’s his country; I guess he can invite whoever he wants.

Then the president of the United States says the meetings are going “well.” It’s all good, he said. No worries.

Let’s see. Who is the more credible source?

OK. I think I can decide. I’ll take the word of others. It pains me terribly to disbelieve the president of my own country. However, given his penchant for prevarication, I am left with no choice.

I don’t believe anything that flies out of POTUS’s pie hole.

So sad.

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