Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda runs smack into G7 trouble

Donald Trump’s ability — if you want to call it such — to confound our nation’s ostensible friends and allies is going to be put to a supreme test.

He went to France to attend the G7 summit of the world’s leading economic powers. He went abroad enmeshed in plenty of trouble back home. It seems to be getting to him. Trump has been even more unhinged than usual with his Twitter tirades, tantrums and tempests, if that is even possible.

He wants to launch trade wars with China and Europe. Great! He said the other world economic powers have “taken advantage of” the United States long enough. He wants to get back at them by imposing monstrous tariffs.

But … wait! The tariffs don’t harm the other countries nearly as much as they inflict damage to American consumers of the products on which he wants to impose those tariffs.

Meanwhile, the other heads of state and government with whom he is meeting are trying to figure this guy out. Good luck with that. Millions of Americans can’t get to first base in the effort to grasp what makes this carnival barker tick.

He wants to “put America first.” What the president doesn’t grasp is that his efforts to put this country first — which plays well with his political base — anger our allies throughout a world that has been proverbially shrinking every year since the end of World War II.

Donald Trump, though, worries only about the base at home. He cares little about the consequences of his idiotic Twitter tirades, or whether our nation’s indispensable allies throughout the world can trust the word of the world’s most powerful nation.

The Trump Era is fraught with chaos and confusion.

Just the way Donald Trump likes it.


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