Stop the presses! Mooch predicts POTUS dropping out

Anthony Scaramucci has climbed way out on the proverbial limb with this prediction.

The former short-term White House communications director said that Donald Trump is going to bail out of the 2020 presidential race by next March. Yep, that’s The Mooch’s crystal ball talking to him and to us.

Do you believe The Mooch is a credible source on this one? Well, I don’t either.

The Mooch, who served as WH communications chief for 11 whole days before Trump fired him at the start of his administration, told the Huffington Post that Trump cannot stand the thought of losing his re-election bid. He said it won’t dawn on Trump until March 2020 that he doesn’t stand a chance of being re-elected.

So, according to The Mooch, he’ll drop out.

The idea that The Mooch would say such a thing out loud tells me that will inspire Trump to fight even harder to stay in office.

I’ll be candid. A major part of me wants to believe Scaramucci knows what he’s talking about. I would love few things more in life than knowing that Donald Trump will not seek a second term as president of the United States. That he was elected in the first place simply blows my mind.

The other major part of me realizes, though, that The Mooch likely doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If only I could be assured that The Mooch knows something about POTUS that no one else knows.

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