‘Mooch’ turns on Trump

Anthony Scaramucci no longer supports the re-election of the man he once admired, whose friendship he coveted.

The Mooch says Donald Trump’s rhetoric has gone way past the pale in recent weeks and months. So, the one-time White House communications director says he’s done with Donald.

But a CNN analyst, Chris Cillizza, disputes The Mooch’s characterization of Trump’s rhetoric. He says Trump is the same old, race-baiting, insult-hurling xenophobe he’s been since he entered political life. Cillizza, moreover, wonders whether The Mooch is trying to cover his own backside by asserting that Trump’s rhetoric of late has gotten worse.

I believe The Mooch is trying to seek some justification for his former support of this disgraceful man masquerading as POTUS.

Indeed, Trump’s rhetoric in reality is no more inflammatory than it has been since he declared his candidacy in June 2015.

As Cillizza pointed out, Trump did mock a New York Times reporter’s disability, he criticized a Gold Star family who made anti-Trump remarks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, he said the late Sen. John McCain was a “war hero only because he got captured” and was held captive during the Vietnam War, he told an “Access Hollywood” interview how he grabbed women by their genitals … and on and on it has gone. You get the idea.

The Mooch, who served as communications chief at the White House for 11 days before getting fired, once stood firmly behind the president. No more.

Hey, I’m fine with The Mooch saying these critical things about the president. He just doesn’t need to fabricate some notion that what Trump is saying now is different in tone and tenor from what he’s been saying all along.

Many millions of us saw it from the beginning, Mooch.

Welcome aboard.

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